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Software buying made easy

Effortlessly discover and compare software, see what your peers are using, don't buy what you already have

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Intelligently search and compare software
With our tool, software discovery and comparison is a breeze. You chat with our virtual advisor to discover options, and compare them easily.

No googling, no Excel spreadsheets, and no sales calls until you are ready.

The engine behind it is a combination of human expertise and AI who’s read millions of pages of documentation and real user reviews.

It’s magical!
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See what your peers are using

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Curious what your competition is using?
What software is trending up and which one is on the decline? What the best influencers in your industry are recommending?

Get help nailing down requirements

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We will help you intelligently define your software requirements. Whether you’re starting from a one sentence prompt, or from a large number of requirements from various stakeholders that need to be consolidated, we have you covered.

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Our team
Michal knows how to get results, whether he's working at a startup or a big company. He's worked in product and operations roles in fast-growing companies in London and New York and has also been a business consultant at an elite consultancy Bain & Company. Michal has led many software buying projects, from critical financial software to everyday productivity tools. When he's not working, he loves to hike and ski in the mountains.
Tymon is a seasoned CTO who loves finding the perfect tools for any task. He recently headed up the tech department at Batmaid, a well-known Swiss company, where he managed about 60 software purchases, including customer experience and HR software, plus various developer tools. His career in software engineering spans 20 years. When he's not deep into tech, Tymon is out windsurfing on waves or cycling.
Free expert consultation
Software stack audit

Audit your stack to:

Discovery products with overlapping functionalities
Spot consolidation opportunities
Discover products for which a much better or cheaper alternative exists

We can help you with all categories. Here are some that are especially popular

Customer service
Meeting transcription software
Business intelligence
Hotel Management
Human Resources
Inventory Management
Project Management
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Why can I just use ChatGPT?

You'll find yourself spending days with an Excel sheet, collecting research from various sources. You might choose a product that works initially, but fails you six months into the integration process. Fundamentally, ChatGPT is prone to the same biases and SEO spam as Google.
We believe that making an informed decision requires various signals and data sources, including testimonials, reviews, case studies, a deep understanding of requirements, team inputs, expert insights, vendor feedback, and much more. The goal of Cloo AI is to provide you with all of these, packaged in one place.

Why should trust you?

We're fed up with the way things are. We want to reduce the pain and anxiety surrounding software selection. Right now, we're a small, dedicated team, financed by venture capital. We're not affiliated with any software vendors, making us as unbiased as it gets. Our long-term goal is to create a community of business leaders who share their experiences and insights. We're here to help you make the right decisions. Cloo AI aims to create a win-win situation for both vendors and buyers by facilitating great matches.