Software buying made easy

Tailored search and unbiased comparison of essential software

Save days researching solutions
Avoid the risks of choosing the bad software
Cut through the salesmanship noise

Limited time offer: Free expert consultation. Schedule a quick call with one of the Cloo AI founders.
We have decades of experience in buying, evaluating, building and integrating software.
We're here to help you make the best decision for your business.

Free expert consultation (Limited time only)
Our mission
Buying software today is like hailing a taxi before Uber: unnecessarily complicated.

At Cloo, we're changing that. We make finding great software solutions effortless. Our ambition is to collate all relevant information about every software option, ensuring that you always choose the absolute best solution available.
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Meeting transcription

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How it works

1. Clarify your requirements

We guide you through the process of figuring out what’s important when buying business software

cloo chat
cloo chat

2. Compare options

We show you tailored options and give you AI tools to meaningfully compare them according to the criteria that matter to you

cloo chat

3. Make an informed decision

Ask to speak directly with your favourite vendors, or get in touch with a Cloo expert. We will give you expert advice tto finalise your choice, free of charge (for a limited time).

What our customers are saying

“I wasn’t getting a notetaking tool because I didn’t have time to choose one, and I was wasting a lot of time preparing meeting notes. Cloo listened to my needs and recommended a tool without which I can’t imagine my life now”

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- Anna, a venture studio owner

“I’m not an expert in software, but I needed a solution to automate answers to repetitive customer questions. Thanks to Cloo, I found a solution that costs less and works better than what I would have bought otherwise.”

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- James, care home owner
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Meet our experts
Michal knows how to get results, whether he's working at a startup or a big company. He's worked in product and operations roles in fast-growing companies in London and New York and has also been a business consultant at an elite consultancy Bain & Company. Michal has led many software buying projects, from critical financial software to everyday productivity tools. When he's not working, he loves to hike and ski in the mountains.
Tymon is a seasoned CTO who loves finding the perfect tools for any task. He recently headed up the tech department at Batmaid, a well-known Swiss company, where he managed about 60 software purchases, including customer experience and HR software, plus various developer tools. In his 20 year long career in software engineering he’s built software solutions for Fintech, commodity trading, insurance, retail, professional services, government and many other industries. When he's not deep into tech, Tymon is out windsurfing on waves or cycling.
Why our recommendations are good
We seek to understand you, and we carefully consider your requirements when making recommendations
We curate a list of vendors. They include established market leaders as well as hidden gems that can give your business a unique edge.
It is our north star to be your independent, trusted advisor. We don’t compromise when it comes to impartiality: vendors can’t impact our recommendations

Buying software:
Old way vs. the new way

messy process

Old way

Confusion, frustration, lots of googling, lots of discovery calls with the business development reps

clean process

New way

Easily figure out what you need, find the relevant vendors immediately, see all relevant information in one place

Speak to us
If you would like to get expert help with picking software or have feedback on our tool, please get in touch.
Would you rather ask a human?
If you'd rather talk directly to a human expert from the start, we're ready to assist. We live and breathe customer service software and chatbots. We promise to provide advice that's not influenced by vendor incentives. Plus, for a limited time, this service is offered free of charge.
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